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Khoros helps enterprise technology brands keep a pulse on evolving customer demands while scaling business with industry-leading digital care, brand communities, and social marketing solutions.


Stay top of mind among tech buyers, lower support costs, and create a social destination to drive innovation

The comprehensive roster of enterprise technology from Khoros empowers and enables tech brands to maintain a leg up in a fiercely competitive landscape.

Khoros Care
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    Pave the path for efficiency with AI-powered digital care

    If anyone knows the power of AI, ML, and automation, it’s people in the tech industry. These aren’t just great tools for your products; they’re also excellent ways to enhance customer care. With modern chatbot integrations and advanced contact center workflows, you can improve both efficiency and customer experience without increasing budget or personnel.

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    Propel engagement with social media Intelligence and Marketing

    It’s always important to have a strong presence on social media, but for tech brands, it’s even more important. With social listening, content planning, and easy (yet powerful) use and configuration, Khoros provides exactly the structure and flexibility that your brand needs to succeed on social media.

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    Crowdsource knowledge with brand communities

    The tech space is known for rapid innovation as well as savvy customers, and an online brand community is a great way to take advantage of both. These communities are brand-owned spaces for both internal and public collaboration and conversation. They can help brands source ideas to improve products, gather feedback, and build customer loyalty.

Nurture the customer journey across all digital and social touchpoints


Data-based social media strategies

Khoros doesn’t just make world-class social media management software. We’re also experts at executing carefully planned, targeted social media campaigns. Whether you’re looking to reach a particular demographic or the entire globe, we’ll work with you to craft the best strategy to achieve your goal.

Peer-to-peer community support

The tech industry is all about peer-to-peer engagement, and so are Khoros Communities. These communities aren’t just for engaging users and encouraging user-generated content; they also help deflect support volume away from your contact center by allowing expert customers to answer questions.


Product development insights

In the tech industry, one of the hardest parts of improving products is incorporating feedback at scale. But with Khoros, you can keep all your feedback in one place, and even organize it by topic in your community.

Why Khoros?

The capabilities you need.

  • Khoros Communities are great ways to foster deeper relationships with customers, develop brand loyalty, and even source ideas for product improvements. They also offer advanced features like content syndication to get users the information they need, fast..
  • These days, it’s vital to know what people are saying about your brand on social media. Get the conversation started by partnering with the social media experts at Khoros, and use Khoros Intelligence to listen in to conversations around the world in multiple languages.
  • With Modern Chat through Khoros Care, customer support agents in your contact center will be able to handle multiple, asynchronous conversations simultaneously. This gives them greater flexibility and productivity while also improving the customer’s experience.

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