Khoros Bot, the ultimate
AI-powered chatbot

Start the conversation with automation to proactively engage customers, increase agent efficiency, and provide helpful answers.

Chatbot to help customer service teams manage digital support efficiently and effectively while improving customer experience.

  • Improved customer and agent experience: chatbots help agents do their jobs more efficiently and let them focus on more interesting or challenging customer inquiries.
  • Lower customer care costs: chatbots can lower costs & reduce call volumes.
  • Faster time-to-value: Khoros has pre-defined the use cases for our chatbots so you can bring your bot to life more quickly and start seeing chatbot engagement sooner.

Suggested Responses 

AI that automatically suggests the best response and improves suggestion accuracy over time with machine learning

Intent Detection

Use natural language processing to intelligently identify consumer intents, then tag and categorise conversations.


“Khoros’ platforms are adaptable for Midco’s changing needs, and have allowed us to use Khoros as a one-platform solution for all our digital needs.”

— Customer Care Manager, Midco

  • 0%
    increase in call deflection since implementing Apple Business Chat
  • 0%
    reduction of click-to-call 1-800 number

Products used: Modern Chat, Messaging, Chatbot, Social Care

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How automating predictable conversations can help customers & agents

  • Conversation

    Start the conversation

    Have the bot start the conversation so customers feel promptly heard.

  • Question

    Deflect standard questions

    Use a bot to handle FAQ and direct customers to self-service links when appropriate.

  • Understand

    Understand customer needs

    Have the bot detect the customer’s problem or need before handing over to an agent.

  • Collect

    Collect key information

    Use a bot to collect details an agent needs to close out the query.

“Khoros allows Midco the opportunity to present the channel that is best for the user, and on the device, they’re using at the time.”

— Web Applications Manager, Midco

  • 0%
    increase in call deflection since implementing Apple Business Chat
  • 0.6X
    increase in CSAT survey completion rate, with improved scores

Products used: Messaging, Modern Chat, Chatbot, Social Care

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